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Residential City Water Treatment

Generally, the primary problems with city water are Calcium & Magnesium Hardness, Chlorine, and the Carcinogens which Chlorine produces. Less often, there are additional issues as well such as Sulfur, Iron, Lead, or Fluoride. The good news is that SpringPure MAX Catalytic Filter & IX Softener removes ALL these impurities and more. If Hardness is not an issue, then the IX Softener portion is not necessary, for a reduced price.

Carcinogens in City Water and Well Water:
Most city waters contain carcinogens produced in the water from the presence of Chlorine and organics that may be present. Activated Carbon filters DO NOT remove these carcinogens (TriHaloMethanes & Halic Acids). Annual municipality reports which show carcinogen levels below maximum allowed limits are actually only reporting 2 samples during the course of the year. In the minds of most people, maintenance of carcinogens below a maximum that is only reported twice annually, does not verify “safe water.” Well water which uses oxidizers such as Chlorine have the same carcinogenic potential problems as city water, but usually are not even tested twice annually. Take control of your own health. Be sure your water is properly treated with SpringPure MAX Catalytic Filter. Remember, Activated Carbon filters DO NOT remove these carcinogens (TriHaloMethanes & Halic Acids).

Residential Well & Spring Water Treatment

Generally, the contaminants most often encountered in well water may include Iron, Sulfur, Manganese, Hardness, Arsenic, and/or Bacteria. . The good news is that SpringPure MAX Catalytic Filter & IX Softener with UV Light remove ALL these impurities and more. If Hardness is not an issue, or Bacteria is not an issue, then the IX Softener option and/or the UV Light option may not be necessary, therefore reducing the cost.


Sulfur, Arsenic, Fluoride, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, & other Heavy Metals; Chlorine, Chloramines, Carcinogens derived from Chlorine such as Trihalomethanes (THA), Humic Acid (HA); Phosphates, Radium, Radio Nuclides, Sediments, Suspended Solids to <3 microns, Turbidity, Organics, Color, Odor, & Bacteria.

How it Works

SpringPure MAX Catalytic Filter removes contaminants in a four step process.

  1. A refreshed compressed air/oxygen chamber reacts to oxidize contaminants in the water to a safe molecular compound form, and/or precipitates it so that it can be filtered in subsequent steps. SpringPure’s proprietary, fully programmable control head monitors the flow of water coming in to be treated, metering it, allowing subsequent backwash and regeneration to be controlled by either it’s built in water meter, or it’s time function. The SpringPure control head refreshes the oxygen compression chamber after each regeneration.
  2. Water then passes through a unique proprietary regenerable catalytic media, NSF approved, which removes mal tastes, mal odors, chlorine, its carcinogenic byproducts, fluorides, sulfur, iron, and many other heavy metals. Partial regeneration of the Catalytic media is achieved with each regeneration.
  3. The next treatment step occurring is filtration of oxidized molecular compounds which have previously undergone an oxidation reaction. These filtered contaminants are removed from the system during backwash, filtering down to less than 3 microns, for clean water with no sediment.
  4. Then the treated water flows through a final oxidizing media, also capable of removing heavy metals, bad gases such as Sulfur, and chlorinated hydrocarbons, even radon and radio nuclides. In summary,

Equipment Options designed for city, well, and spring water:

SpringPure MAX Catalyzed Filter - removes contaminants as listed above……………..……… $2,395.00 installed *

IX Softener adder – removes contaminants above + Calcium & Magnesium Hardness* ……….... $495.00
UV Light adder – if ecoli / coliform is present 8-10 gpm......…………………………………………... $595.00
* Note: If installation is not available in your area, a $400 credit is available……………………….... $400.00
Shipping not included.
IX Softener is not necessary (but might be desired) for incoming water hardness less than 50 ppm

SpringPure MAX Catalytic Filter $2,395* with IX Softener option (Add $495*)

Oversized system with small footprint treats for hardness with ion exchange, and taste & odor with activated carbon. The SpringPure™ design incorporates an adapted, proprietary control head, specifically designed to achieve the technical needs required for SpringPure MAX. Residential services offer water softener installation in greater Nashville and now available from our new office in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

SpringPure™ Benefits

  • SpringPure™ water tastes great!
  • SpringPure™ water is better for your health.
  • Chlorine free water is better for digestion
  • Hardness free showers promote dry skin
  • No more soap scum
  • No scale build-up in piping & shower nozzles
  • Cuts laundry & dish soap usage
  • Produces clean sparkling dishes
  • Extends the life of your water heater, while
  • Reduces water heater costs & more!

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* Installation included in Brentwood Tennessee, Blue Ridge Georgia, and their respective surrounding counties.. Free shipping in Continental USA.

Reverse Osmosis System installed - $695 *

High gpd capacity under-counter installation, & free hookup to your refrigerator's icemaker when possible.

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